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A Plague Upon Four Houses

by Rage Of Devils/Karnstein/Everson Poe/Wyeth

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Weirding The sound of something new coming into being and all of the destruction that accompanies creation. Favorite track: Temple Of The Black Egg.
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sawtongue A four way split to be noted and remembered - A smorgasboard of black metal, symphonic black metal, post metal, sludge and the last two tracks eliciting a gothic south - Really a fascinating combination. Every track is fueled with emotion, and you can hear it. It is raw. It is a builder.
Four great projects to keep an eye on - and from a super good radio show to boot. Favorite track: Misty Hills.
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db Four houses distinct, but unified in an overwhelming sonic feast!
Jenn Taiga
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Jenn Taiga A tour--de-force in four parts. A Plague Upon Four Houses tugs at one's chest and stokes the fires of our collective rage with brutal guitars and compelling vocals. Cannot recommend this enough.
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inverted jewel clear as breath dark as water quiet as death song without words silence between letters words without voice space between feathers deep as a thimble shallow as a grave miasma of horror voice of the saved daffodils bloom insects crawl lions feast empires fall doom! doom! doom to the old life x2 joy! joy! joy for the old strife x2 [again]
darkness so grim rotting with sin forever fighting the monster within mind is a cage infernal rage screaming and growling and cursing the sage baring his teeth horrible beast wanting his freedom so that he can feast nights of horror he's done it before breaking and crushing with blood on the floor the sage he smiles the sage he grins his opponent is fearful but he knows he'll win bloody rain bringer of pain the evil inside the sage must be contained shaking the iron the sage he is tired the beast utters whispers but he is a liar the sage stands up straight the beast full of hate accepting the struggle as part of his fate accept your shadow
Country plunging down With horrific sounds You won't wear a mask Talking bout your rights You won't talk no more When the covid strikes Falling to your knees Strugging to breathe Dying like a man in the land of the free Can you hear it As your life leaves you? The sound of angels sighing Do you feel regret? Can you hear it As you choke and gasp The sound of devils laughing Who did you kill?
the way that can be articulately described is not the unchanging way the name that can be said aloud is not the unchanging name with your mouth left open and things left undefined you stand at the beginning of the universe make definitions and you are the measure of all creation thus, being forever without desire, you look deeply into the transcendent by constantly harboring desire, your vision is beset by all the things around you these two enter the world alike, but their names are different alike, they are called profound and remote profound and remote and again more so this is the gate to all mysteries
misty hills sky pregnant with rain god bless you old kentucky your beauty keeps me sane they want to kill you love of gold, love of coal choke the earth, giving birth to filth for young and old decapitated mountains stumps spewing smoke lungs turning black workers going broke fatcats growing rich they will never stop it panning polluted water that's how they get their profit the mountains need their heads again i know where we can find some
I feel the pain of being dead And yet I am still alive The light of the sun it burns my flesh This bite leaves me forever cursed I don’t want to be immortal To suffer forever like you To drink the blood of the living And shy away from the light I resent you for what you’ve done You’ve condemned me to the depths of hell Where I must harm the innocent Just to stay alive in this world You say that you are our ruler But really you are terrified Of your unnatural existence And want it to end forever Vampire’s Pain x8 We live as though we were breathing Yet we are no more than ghosts Doomed to suffer in this place A lifetime of unwantedness I will break away from you Prowl the night my own way Turn away from the pain And embrace this transition I am becoming more than me Dancing between life and death Embracing the screams at night To create this poetry
Curse those who tore us apart For you my heart I sever We could be like my portrait Unendingly together You are mine; you shall be mine You and I are one for ever Oh Laura, this aura, become my precious other Oh be mine, for all time, there will not be yet another One! Like you! To outlive, to not give, A thing for someone else So hold me, so closely, No other but myself Darkest embrace of, the one who can bring you life To die to love is my undeath This need is selfish and sapphic I can think of no other one Than you to be my everlasting Laura Be Mine In blood And death! Can you, forgive my lies Will you, be my dead bride Vampir, this is our time We could, be eternal All paths, lead to you You have, consumed my mind, Laura, my heart bleeds out Will this, pain never cease My tears run, down my cheek At the thought that you won’t... I would burn this whole earth To be yours, forever I would move The stars above To once more feel Your warm embrace Don’t let those Mortal scum Take you away From my ardor You could know The greatest love And the greatest power In all Stryia Hold my hand Like you once did As we go Into the night
I am no longer on my own For we are reconnected I will reign forever We will reign together A dark So eternal Endless Nocturnal Dance, With, Death x2 You’re my queen As I am yours Let us go Into the night The whole world belongs to us We are above even the gods A queendom built upon blood And unquenchable, sapphic love
My skin is too tight My muscles too weak My bones too brittle To contain this bulging shape A walking assemblage of symptoms Is all I have become Bound together by sheer will Why is it so difficult just to exist? This pain is unbearable A manifestation Of my worst attributes Like a doppelgänger Walking around in my skin As their strength grows Mine is diminished A vacuous hatred Bred into their blood Take a hatchet to the roots of their treacherous tree As our strength grows Theirs is diminished Every seed that they have sown Shall be plucked from the ground Every trumpet they have blown Will scarcely make a sound Herald! The end of man Makot Mitzrayim Moses, stretch your hand Marked by blood of the lamb In the realms of their wretched empire All the myths that they’ve devoured Every cyclops in dragons’ dens The imperial wizard grows his power Rain each plague upon them We shall mourn for none among these ghouls Hold fast, each lash furious with vengeance Dam Tzfardeiya Kinim Arov Dever Shechin Barad Arbeh Choshech Makat B’chorot
This tomb Concealed beneath Cavernous labyrinth The vulgar thief Seek the temple Sealed in earth Carve the symbol Of rebirth Sorrow has no horizon Vessels; divine disgust Hollow to hold the substance Enter the house of dust To rail against nature is folly All things must accept an end Burn that brand upon your shell And claim your mark as king Born of god Born of void Radiant, resplendent No cost too great Soul of wyrm Soul of root Heart of void (No mind to think No will to break No voice to cry of suffering) You alone shall sealing the blinding light that plagues their dreams
Flip the record Flip it twice Changed the channels half a dozen times Ain't none of this matters now that you're gone Now that you're gone Roll back over And turn out the lights Late for work again But i ain't mind None of this shines bright Now that you're gone Now that you're gone Built our world Out of heartbreak and stone Laid the foundation for this empty home It's all so hollow now that you're gone Now that you're gone So roll me over And turn out the lights It's all over And I don't mind Nothing matters now that you're gone Take me out to the cornfield And put a bullet in my brain I'm tired as hell and I don't wanna feel A single motherfuckin' thing Take me out to the cornfield And put a bullet in my brain I'm tired as hell and I don't wanna feel A single motherfuckin' thing Take me out to the cornfield And put a bullet in my brain I'm tired as hell and I don't wanna feel A single motherfuckin' thing Take me out to the cornfield And put a bullet in my brain I'm tired as hell and I don't wanna feel A single motherfuckin' thing
Today I started loving you again I'm right back where I've really always been I got over you just long enough to let my heartache mend Then today, I started loving you again What a fool I was to think I could get by With only these few millions tears I cry I should have known the worst was yet to come And that crying time for me had just begun Cause today I started loving you again I'm right back where I've really always been I got over you just long enough to let my heartache mend Then today I started loving you again


The Forest At Night, the weekly extreme music radio show on Radio Dark Tunnel, is pleased to announce its first imprint release. “A Plague Upon Four Houses” is a four-way split between four anti-fascist, queer-run extreme music acts that runs the gamut from straight-ahead black metal to avant-garde outlaw country. Featuring three names which should be familiar to fans of the show, as well as two offerings from the host’s newest project, this record is a veritable showcase of some of the finest that queer extreme music has to offer.

All proceeds from this release will be donated to the Chicago Community Bond Fund.



Taking inspiration from bands as diverse as Darkthrone, Cannibal Corpse, and Terra Tenebrosa, Rage of Devils is a riff-focused band that blends traditional black metal music with a rock edge. It was formed from the sole member's own rage at bigotry and injustice, and lyrically focuses mainly on the wrath of the Devil, punishing the wicked.


Karnstein was formed in late summer 2019 by bassist/vocalist Ria (also of noise/grind act Oriza) and keyboardist Bret after plans to reform their previous band Dark Theory fell through. While in many ways a continuation of Dark Theory, Karnstein chooses to mostly abandon the more conventional song structures and thrash influences of that band, while still retaining the epic keyboards and black metal riffs with a splash of death and doom. The name ‘Karnstein’ comes from the classic lesbian vampire novel Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu, chosen not just to reflect the dark and gothic sound of the band, but also because it fits nicely with the queer themes (and general love of vampires) that is depicted in the band’s music.


Hailing from Chicago, IL, Mae Shults has been releasing music as Everson Poe for over 10 years. As a queer & genderqueer individual, they incorporate themes of gender identity and mental health into nearly all of their songs, filtered through lenses inspired by various forms of pop culture, or simply their own imaginative storytelling. Though never bothering to be constrained by genre, the majority of Everson Poe’s releases for the last few years have mostly contained elements of black-, doom-, and sludge-metal. Their newest album (and fourth this year), “Rituals”, will be released on November 13th through Trepanation Recordings.


The newest offering from the chaotic host of The Forest At Night, Wyeth is an outlet for the thoughts of an aging soul from the backcountry, communicated through a thick haze of pipe smoke and whiskey in the form of blackened Americana with touches of free jazz and soul. Their upcoming record, “Hymns 1”, tells the story of an aging farmhand whose world has left him behind through the voice of a trans woman who left that world behind long ago.


released November 6, 2020


Rage Of Devils rageofdevils.bandcamp.com

All instruments and vocals by Erin Palmer
Additional vocals on Inverted Jewel by Sarah Allen Reed, Ria Wigley, and Mae Shults
Logo by Sludgework

Rage Of Devils would like to thank...Karnstein, Everson Poe, and Wyeth for having me and being a part of this. Thank you to my wife for her support and for putting up with long recording sessions

Karnstein karnstein.bandcamp.com

Ria: Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Additional Keyboards
Bret: Keyboards
Draca: Guitars on Vampires Pain
Additional vocals on Vampire’s Pain: Erin Palmer and Sarah Allen Reed

Karnstein would like to thank... our collaborators Erin, Mae and Sarah, the Metal Twitter lovelies including but not limited to Order of the Wolf, Allfather, Non-Serviam, Drainbow, Revered and Reviled Above All Others, The Sun Came Up Upon The Left, Feminazgul, Wretched Empires, Bismuth, Coven of the Pestilent One, Hidden Mother’s, Espi Kvlt, Odinsgoat, and Settle for Shadows, our very annoyed housemates and neighbours, and J. Sheridan Le Fanu, writer of Carmilla

Everson Poe eversonpoe.bandcamp.com

Written, performed, produced & recorded by Mae Shults
Hell’s Half Acre Studio, Chicago, IL
Additional vocals on Makot Mitzrayim by Sarah Allen Reed
Additional vocals on Temple Of The Black Egg by Ria Wigley and Erin Palmer

Everson Poe would like to thank...Sarah, Justine, Nina, Stacy, Erin (Rage Of Devils), Ria (Karnstein), Wyeth, Sarah Allen Reed/The Forest At Night, DB, Dan @ Trepanation, Stacy, Erik, Matt & Eric, Mom & Dad, and Team Cherry, the creators of Hollow Knight, for inspiring Temple Of The Black Egg

Wyeth wyeth.bandcamp.com

All instruments and vocals by Sarah Allen Reed
“Today I Started Loving You Again” originally performed by Merle Haggard

Equipment used:
Mitchell EZB acoustic-electric mini-bass
Swan chromatic harmonica
VOX T20+
Cozart electric mandolin

Sarah Allen Reed would like to thank...the three previous bands for putting up with my shit, Ria for doing the majority of the heavy lifting organizing this, Jenn Taiga for smacking me with a hammer every time I stop functioning, SR388 for the invaluable archive assistance, Radio Dark Tunnel and crew for hosting said show, Datafruits.fm and crew for hosting our companion show Identity Null, Autumn for her love, and smokes and coffee for being the closest thing to antidepressants my broke ass can afford. Very special thanks to all of the lovely people who tune in to hear the antifascist bands and acts making noise on TFAN every week--if you keep listening, I’ll keep spinning records, and if you don’t, I’ll still spin them anyways to piss off the Nazis.

All songs save “Cornfield” and “Today I Started Loving You Again” mixed by Mae Shults
“Cornfield” and “Today I Started Loving You Again” mixed by Sarah Allen Reed
Record mastered and produced by Sarah Allen Reed
Cover art by Sarah Allen Reed
All songs owned by their respective artists and distributed by The Forest At Night

Released October 31st, 2020
The Forest At Night


all rights reserved



The Forest At Night Colorado

Accompanying label to the radio show The Forest At Night. All profits to charity.

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